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Cabernet Sauvignon Elite


Cabernet Sauvignon Elite

Quick description:

Cabernet Sauvignon belongs among the most recognised grape vine variants of the world. The characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon are most influenced by the climate conditions, which add aromatic aspects to the wine and give it a foundation. The best Cabernet Sauvignon wines have an intense colour and strong flavour. We usually look for aromas of blackcurrant, ripe plums, black cherry, spice. By maturing, aromas of herbs, mint, tobacco and cedar also evolve.

Vintage 2017
Alcohol content 14,5% vol.
Sugar Content Dry
Variety 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Harvesting Handpicked grapes in the last days of October
Maturation 60 % wooden barrels, 40 % stainless steel tanks
Wine–growing region Primorska
Colour Medium intense ruby red with violet hues
Aroma Mature bouquet reminiscent of black currant and ripe plum, a cedar scent can also be detected. Tertiary aromas like caramel and chocolate are detectable.
Taste In the flavour we can enjoy the freshness and a lasting, pleasant taste with lots of soft and pleasantly spicy tannins due to maturing the wine in wooden barrels
Food pairing Cabernet Sauvignon is best served with beef or venison stew, roast meat, lamb or grilled veal. It is also recommended with mature cheese.
Serving temperature 14-16°C
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